Ordered a part and... its disappeared into the ether

I dropped my lens magnet. It shattered. I ordered a new one. Paypal put a hold on the money… and nothing happened. It’s now been 24 days since then and… nothing. And it doesn’t show in my Glowforge purchase history. So yeah.

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I’m sorry for your loss…truly. Your post here opens a support ticket, so if your previous request slipped through the cracks somehow, this may jog their minds. Also, at some times during the day there’s a chat option on the website. I’ve not used it, but I know it’s there. 24 days seems way too long for you to have to wait. Best of luck…hope they contact you soon.


Are you in dire need? I have an extra I could send you, if you return it when you get yours.


Nah, I’m ok. I’ll need to clean the thing eventually but it’s going ok so far. Thanks for the offer, though!


A simple workaround is opening the top of the head, removing the mirror, and pushing the lens out from the top with a q-tip. The most important thing is when pushing the lens out, you’ll want to make sure that it has somewhere soft to drop to. A folded towel or bedding works, pick whatever you like. Pushing the lens back in is simple enough, you can drop it back in (make sure you’ve put it back in in the right orientation!), and you’ll also want to make sure it clicks into the magnet.


Ah, thank you! It’s been a while since I cleaned it, so I may need to before I get a new one. This will help.



Thanks for the heads up on this! We’ll be sending an email to you shortly as it may contain sensitive payment information.