Ordered Packaging and Missing Pieces

So i have to return my Glowforge for repair and I’m trying to do everything by the books. This included ordering new packaging and “orange and red bits” at $250 for the packaging and $9 for the bits. A little extreme in price but whatever I want to get this done.

Well I finally received my packaging and bits and it’s missing pieces. It did not have the orange foam pieces that protect the lens in the printer head. It was also missing the 3 white foam pieces that go inside the unit that hold the printer head and everything else in place. Here are some pictures, from the how to pack your Glorforge page, of the pieces I did not receive


Can anyone tell me if they’ve had to purchase this packaging before and were missing these pieces? My Glowforge has been down since May 22nd and with how long it takes to get a response from Support via email (any where from 30 mins to 24 hours) I’m wondering if I can just bubble wrap it really well and secure it inside.

Again I’m trying to do everything by the book so there’s no further damage to the glowforge during shipping but the service and response time is just ridiculous.

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Per the description of the $250 box it includes those, so you’ll need to wait for support to contact you about either shipping out what was missed or shipping without


I’m so sorry your order wasn’t complete. I’ve reached out directly over email to resolve this issue, so I’m going to close this thread.

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