Ordering an air filter system... or... not?

I have a Glowforge Plus out for delivery today and I was really wracking my brain as to how I was going to vent it, but the location I need to put it, I will have no ability to do so. SO… I need to order the air vent system. However… the web site is “broken” in that there is absolutely no option to purchase one without choosing a glowforge first. Obviously I do not need a glowforge as I have one sitting on a fedex truck almost ready to be in my hot little hands already. So I need someone to get hold of me, or preferably a phone number I can call to place the order for one air filter system… ASAP.

Support is going to have to handle that manually since you didn’t place the order with the original order. (And they are going to need to do it off the boards since it’s going to deal with your personal information.)

Send an email directly to support@glowforge.com, explain it there, and they will get started on adding it to the order.

I think that they are shipping to those who ordered them together first. So if you ere able to order it; it would be a while before receiving it. On the other hand there are a number of options out there that would have a quicker return, some designed to work with the output of a laser. You need to make sure it is variable speed and at least 300 CFM and I would double check on the cost of filters as that will be a significant operating expense. I do have a Blu-Dri that has operated very well to clear a room of smoke and smell but have not yet built the connections needed to pull the Glowforge exhaust directly.

Thanks. I didn’t think about looking into third party air scrubbers. Looking at that Bludri air shield 550 hepa right now… they do a good job filtering odors? That’s my main concern since it’s an office situation.

They do a good job filtering odors, the tricky part is the 11" inside diameter of the intake that getting it to fit a 4" hose is a problem.
I designed a box to go in front of that with the 4" opening on the side, but have not built it.


Hi @kanati,

In the future, we plan to sell our air filter as a standalone upgrade in our shop. Unfortunately, it is not available for individual purchase now. I wish I could get you an air filter right away, and I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll let all our customers know when it’s available.

I’ve followed up with you directly over email, so I’m going to close this thread.