Original Illustration engraved in Proofgrade Maple Plywood



Had a bit of trouble getting the machine to handle my detailed lineart- but I am super excited I somehow got it to work. It’s about 9 inches tall, took about 1:45 to engrave.


What gorgeous art! (really wish I could draw like that - might actually get some use out of this thing!) :grinning:


Thank you Jules! :slight_smile: I definitely am really excited to have a new way to put my illustration work out there. :wink:


Wow! Very impressive. That’s a sizeable piece, too!


Thank you!! Yeah I wish I could say I know how I made it work- It gave me a hard time for hours the other day but somehow it worked this time. Weird but I’ll take it! :wink:


A beautiful piece of art!


Lovely! So happy you were able to get it to process.


I wish I had a skill like yours!

I did this engrave from a friend’s drawing. It started as 8x10 which she scanned. I engraved it as 3x5, 45min on maple PG. I just slapped a border on to cut it.

You artistic people amaze me! :slight_smile:


One of my favorite poems. What a lovely illustration for it. :grinning:


In case anyone’s curious here’s the fullcolor illustration :wink:


I was, in fact, curious! Amazing!


that’s just too nice not to have a watermark/signature/branding


That’s true. I probably should put my logo at the bottom. I just hate distracting from the art with it! but its unwise to share with no mark. oops


I hear that.