Original Kickstarter Backer Here: Where is My GlowForge?

Community, I need your help. (No one has gotten back to me about my glowforge delivery.)

Four years ago, I backed this project on Kickstarter for $2,000.

After a year or so, I received an email giving me the option to receive my backer reward immediately (sans UL certification), or waiting until certification was complete. Obviously, I preferred to wait.

It’s the end of 2020 and I’m still waiting. I’d forgotten about the project until recently, when I received a Glowforge Owners Forum email. The company and community are clearly thriving. So, I want to get in on the fun.

Where is my Glowforge? (I sent an email a couple of months ago with no response.) So, fellow owners, does anyone here know a phone number that connects me with a human being? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

No phone number, but your email and the post here opens a ticket for you, so they will get in touch. (Via email, since it pertains to your account.) :slightly_smiling_face:


That may be the longest wait. I’m going to guess you missed an email from the company by it being labled as spam. Happens all the time. UL certification took place in Nov 2018. If I remember correctly the company attempts to contact owners and if that is unsuccessful for some time they refund the money to the original payment method. A purchaser that forgot about $2000 for years might not have noticed a $2000 refund to a credit card? Of course all of this is just my guess. Support will need to get back with you.


(In before someone points out it was never on Kickstarter)
((irrelevant to the original point though))

Hope you get Glowforge and will be one of us soon. The hazing ritual isn’t so bad.


Thank all of you for your responses and well wishes.

I assume the owner-hazing ritual involves either burning your first project to ash, or realizing that proper ventilation means hiring an HVAC guy to set things up. (Can’t wait.)

Yup, checked my spam folder and there are unopened community emails all the way back to Jan 2019. (oops.)

And, lo and behold, I see I also have account on IndieGoGo. With my memory, I’m shocked that I managed to back 3 other projects between the sites with no horror stories.

(Ask me about the Pimax 5K VR Headset I received 2 years ago. It’s still unopened in the box it shipped in. Seriously. It’s a running joke for my friends; “Will he or won’t he ever open the box?” {`-_-} )


Oh no! It sounds like our email may have missed you. Because this requires some personal information, I’ve sent you another email. I’m going to leave this thread open so we can make sure you received our message and will close this when we’ve heard back from you!

Thank you for getting back to me.

The link for “glowforge.com/shipping” (mentioned in the FAQ) continues to direct me back to the FAQ itself, “glowforge.com/faq/shipping”. This happens whether I’m already logged in or not, on Firefox or Chrome, and on Linux or Windows.

On the upside, “glowforge.com/account” gets me to the Purchase History page.
(I was beginning to have doubts I had ever made a pre-order, but the page shows I did so in Oct 2015. So…sanity restored.)

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Good morning. Has there been any change on this?

did you get their email and respond to it?

Yes. I then responded in here that their advice led to a circular route. (I never reach an actual place that let’s me confirm my address.)

I responded to the email again about the issue and stated my address that way.

And…it didn’t occur to me to check my old email account again in 3 weeks.

Thank you, Angie and Michael for processing my order 2 weeks ago.

I can’t wait to get started! :smile:


And so many folk post that they are angry that they waited 3 days :roll_eyes:


Or the ~2 years most of us oldies waited…