Original Prusa i3 MK2S FDM 3D Printer Kit Build



Seems like all the cool kids have 3D printers of the “normal” variety, I ordered one. Prusa seems like a great company and the whole platform is pretty robust with a great support community. I ordered one thinking it wouldn’t arrive for seven weeks. Here it is three weeks later delivered. Might have come early but it spent the weekend in Köln.

Black shrink wrap survived the journey from Prague. I have two extra rolls of filament so it’s taller than usual.

Nice touch. Every kit ships with some Haribo gummy bears. Creamy ones. Excellent.

I watched Tom Sanlanderer’s YouTube live stream. Agonizing but helpful. So parts set out. The steps and packets are very well organized.

But I thought I needed a parts try to make sure things didn’t run off. Looked around and had nothing but a Glowforge and cardboard. 5 minutes of file prep in Inkscape with the tabbed box maker extension. You can put in dividers and make one of the sides straight to allow for an open box. Five minutes to cut and here I am.

So that was Wednesday. Held off till tonight because I had mowing last evening to do and got home late.

So Friday evening is devoted to putting this together.


I’m looking forward to watching your progress!


Sweet. This should be fun. I’ll have to check out that Inkscape extension.


Cool new 3D printer, Gummy Bears, and a custom laser cut tray!!! This post has it all!
Can’t wait to see what you make!


Oh darn, yet another thing I’ve been looking at dreamily while awaiting international pro shipments… I’m still trying to decide if the tolerances are tight enough and the materials durable enough to use for making watch movement holders…

Good to see how well they’re packed though!



Prusa makes a fantastic printer! You are going to love it!


Ooh, boxmaking!


Mine didn’t turn out that well. It has a 3 degree lean to one side. I have been fighting with it for 7 months now and all my straight prints lean to the left. Prusa has no idea what would cause it. I hope yours works better.


You always do a great job with your write-ups, I’m looking forward to this one especially :slight_smile:


I just made it official by 3D printing one.
Card carrying member.


Ugh… I’ve wanted a 3d printer but didn’t realize what was involved in them till I ordered my forge.
Have massive fun and share please!!


What a great companion for your Glowforge! The two mesh together nicely already.


Nice! Dual nozzle? :grinning:


Just one nozzle. Baby steps.

Got the Y axis put together. Not too many issues. Just that the warnings for not over tightening come after all the steps. Learned not to tighten anything firm until I get through them. Also read the whole steps. It seems to be square and level. Time for a break and eat something.


When you get to putting the Z axis on, you may want to support the y assembly on some books, or in my case, filament reels, etc. so you can set the Z down on the threaded rod and let gravity help while you mess with the nuts to get everything just right. Trying to do it with the printer leaning over was a pain.
Also, if you want lights on the hot end let me know. I will share my design.


Great new addition to your makers corner, makes me sad I can’t get one right now.
It looks like I will have to wait on getting a Prusa, I don’t have my Glowforge to make a parts tray. OK, OK, I don’t really need the Glowforge first but it is my excuse and I am sticking to it.


Love the organizer box…lol.
I’ve been eyeing that model as well…will be fun to watch you build it :smile::smile:
Thank you for sharing your experience!!


X axis done. Had trouble with an m3 screw. The hex head was malformed and the screw fit tight in the end stop. Had to use pliers to tighten. But otherwise everything is a breeze.


Z axis mounted and all three joined. Hardest was getting belts tight.


Extruder mounted and cables wrapped. Ready for electronics.