Ornament want to use 2 different colors acrylic

i purchased the medium acrylic O little tree ornament

and want to know how to make the tree a different color than the ornament ? it shows that way in the picture but i can’t figure out how

please help


Hello and welcome to the forum. That happens to be my design, so I can help you with that.
Choose the material you’d like the tree made from, and just drag the ‘frame’ part down into the out of bounds area temporarily like this…until you see that the lines turn a dark red.

and proceed to cut all the parts out for the tree. Then, switch out the material for what you wish to make the frame, and drag all the other parts to the out of bounds area where they will not be cut.

Just make sure anything you do NOT want cut is ‘out of bounds’ and has dark red lines. Good luck and hope you have fun with the design.


Thank you so much… love the ornament. Can’t wait to make more with different color trees


Hope it works for you. That’s been one of my favorite designs, too.


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