Other Things To Do While Waiting For The GF

What are some of the things you’ll do while you wait?

Call me a sucker, but, I got into a Kickstarter campaign for a Mason Jar Brewing System, unfortunately, the campaign is over. It is supposed to ship in June, which I have faith in, as, this fellow has a proven track record. (I have his Rope-O-Matic)

With any luck, I may have something tasty to celebrate the arrival of the GF, as my favorite beverage seems to have disappeared from the area. My real goal though is to make some malt vinegar, I just can’t seem to find any that isn’t rather bland.


Having to put all my laser projects in a directory for later was a pretty frustrating blow yesterday. I’ve decided to put some time into another passion: Film making. I’m producing a 3 minute short for a contest entry at the end of the month, and will probably build some CNCed custom film gear over the next few months.


I am getting so close to being finished with building my experimental airplane. I have been building for about 2.5 years now, but progress has all but come to a stop since the new year. Work and family life have become really busy, but with summer quickly approaching I really want to finish the lingering 2% or so and start flying it. Without the laser to distract me, should not be a problem!

We also hope to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer. We have several camping trips planned as well as a road trip up to Glacier NP.


I have been contemplating this question. I’ll likely either spend more time on my CNC router and/or buy some dye sublimation equipment to fill another gap in my production capabilities.


I’ll just be keeping up the good work.

I keep a farm on the side and have plans for adding 250 trees and bushes to my 1.5 acres this year. I also am helping my wife finish the baby’s room before August and building plenty of blank items for the Glowforge.

My two girls love helping with all this so I get some great quality time in also.

There are plenty of other projects too.

-Chickens(25 more eggs due to hatch on Friday)

I still work a full time job also lol.


I guess now I’ll have no excuse as to why I haven’t finished my portfolio :upside_down:


I assume you’ve heard of the EAA? If not, Google it and be prepared to want to take a July flight to my hometown. :slight_smile:

I plan on spending more time with my CNC. And my wife & I are looking at buying a vacation rental property in the Palm Springs area, so plenty of my weekends will probably be there either fixing stuff or hanging in the pool during any vacant weekends.


I got a Shapeoko3 while waiting and its awesome! Great project/projects for the wait


I might finally paint all of the doors in my house.

In reality, I’ll be taking this time to learn the software for making designs and then creating designs. Also, working furiously to save up money with the new-found time to hopefully upgrade to the Pro.


The EAA is a great organization and a great resource for the armature aircraft builder! All of my relatives on my mothers side are in or around Wisconsin. Believe it or not, I have never been to Airventure, but its on my bucket list for sure!

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I will be in town for it this year for the first time in nearly a decade. It was so awesome hanging out in the back yard and seeing the Blue Angels, a stealth or a B-52 flying over.

Sounds like everyone has some great stuff to fill in the wait!

Yeah, bummer, now we all have to do some of the chores we thought we would get to put off also.

(I’m temporarily out of love, or these would all be liked!)


Multiple Raspberry Pi projects
Make a temporary bar top while waiting on the GF to make the final one
Finish that half-bath

There’s never a shortage of projects. If only that “job” thing wasn’t always getting in the way.


Found a new makerspace that has an Epilog laser. Helpful to try out ideas, and makes me realize that it is worth waiting.

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@chevalier_jeanpaul, nice little bird there. As an old A/P I appreciate the work involved.
Heh, long runways for those long roll-outs at altitude on a hot day…


Thanks! Second experimental I have built. The first flight in something you built from the ground up is something hard to match with much but maybe your wedding day or the birth of your child.


I took a cad course at my local university then went and designed a model engine. Hopefully I’ll get started making it rather soon and after that I’ll get started on designing the airframe to mount it in. That will be a good project for the GF.


The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

But seriously, I have my eye on a 3D delta Kossel printer that I might throw $300 towards. From China. It may turn out to be a frustrating piece of junk, but at least it’ll be interesting.


I actually just signed-up for 3 months of skillshare so I can kick-off my summer digging into the applications, sketching, drawing, and design that’s going to help be build some awesome stuff with the Glowforge, once it finally gets here. While I wish it was coming sooner, I can’t really be upset about the extra time to learn and grow—'cause once this thing arrives I’m gonna be too busy making stuff!

Here’s the link if you anyone else wants 3 months of access to Skillshare for only $0.99: http://skl.sh/1Nk1DEs


I’ve been researching geodesic domes to build a cottage this summer. Got some fun ideas put together .

Also moving to the capital with a newborn.