And now the SET FOCUS won’t work no matter what I try, also won’t cut through the Proof Grade Materials now, Cleaned the unit and optics, made sure cables were clean, snug & tight. We love the GF PRO, however, we are down at the moment after 2 weeks of use. Here are some of the cool stuff we made so far! Here’s our set up as of now and hopefully GLOWFORGE can get us up and running again ASAP!


The tarot cutting board turned out really nicely, well done.


You have made some really classy stuff. Hopefully you can get things going soon!


we have so much lined up , just need to resolve the issues were having !

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I had some issues and ignored pulling the lens out of the head once. When I finally did, I had a very tiny fleck of what looked to be wood sap dead center. Scrubbed it off and back to work.
I could not even really see it until I put a bright light behind the lens.

You have been working (very well I will add) with wood a lot and that got me remembering.


If you’ve been using for a bit - there are two ~1/8" windows on the bottom of the head - Set Focus works by bouncing a light between them, so if they’re dusty or dirty that can make it fail.


I dont know if i could be that productive in 2 months, let alone 2 weeks! Awesome work.


Nice projects! Did you check to make sure you don’t have the lens in upside down? Hope you’re back up and running soon.


lens is in correct

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This is the error I’ve been getting after SET FOCUS for 4 days now! Please help! I know the staff isn’t monitoring the forum but man I’m getting antsy.

My digital calipers just measured the Proof Grade Medium Draft Board 1/8" material as .1350, not sure if that has a play in the focus or the cutting, so I ran a test and manually entered the material thickness of .135 and by passed the SET FOCUS and got the same results, looks like its cutting nicely, minimal smoke and charring as if it was day 1 so I get excited , then the cut is finished and turns out it didn’t even cut through the material at all, not even close, so frustrating right now!

I had that same dirt on my lens, however, she’s nice and clean now and still having SET FOCUS issues! I use the exact Zeiss lens wipes as in the cleaning video and ALL the optics look clean and shiny, I cleaned the 2 lenses on bottom of print head, the master center lens, the widow optic on side of the print head, the optic hidden on left side and finally the lid camera , so all 6 optics are clean and clear of dirt and debris, Pins look great and all the cables are clean and snug tight.

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Like I said , Just out of nowhere it stopped SET FOCUSING and that’s where the entire problem started and that’s exactly where I am today 4 days later , just sitting here waiting for tech support to email me back. Not a good feeling

Cleaned and look good!

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Shame on Glowforge for not getting back to you in a timely fashion. I had a similar issue trying to purchase my pro unit and contacted sales. The voice message was clear, “We will have you talking with a real person in just a moment.” Waited forever and finally left a message and hung up. Did this for days. Finally I found out the answers to my question and bought the Pro. A week later someone got back to me. Not very good service.

The excuse given was they are a very small team but have a whole lot of customers to service. The answer: hire more people. When you charge $7K for a premium product, it makes sense to have at the minimum decent tech support. My suggestion: hire someone from Apple or Amazon to run your customer service.

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Loved the machine when it worked, now I’m really disappointed in the machine and the support!

How many days have you been down and without help from customer support? I’m interested as I also have a new PRO machine and was hoping for PRO level customer support.

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going on 5 DAYS and I’m truly at a loss that they are counting on the COMMUNITY to solve my issues , I may try and get a refund or get some legal advice on what to do at this point

What about the mirror in the print head? Have you cleaned that as well?

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the one on top of the print head? done, nothing in this machine is dirty , crumb tray cleaned , nothing under it or in the grooves