Our first projects

So I was worried the laser would shatter the cheap shot glass from Michael’s…
With regards to the photo engraved on wood, it looks better not taking the painter’s tape off so I know thats just me going to learn the settings…
And the same pattern on the shot glass it what’s being engraved into the wood.

It was fun doing this and figuring out the little things. I bought inexpensive materials at Michael’s to practice on.

Any advice on how to make the shot glass more perfect or is it because its rounded vs flat faced?


Some people have had good luck cutting stencils and using chemical etching or sand blasting.

The key here is not to cut pvc film, be sure that any adhesive film you get isn’t pvc based.

My fiance and I’ve watched 100s of YouTube videos over the past year and a half before making the purchase of the GF. We learned dont cut or engrave on vinyl, PVC pipe etc.

We saw that painters tape works the best thus far. And so far the only thing weve burned is the marshmallow. Lol.

The image is a little off centered…


Run the calibration and your alignment will be much better.

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I actually recommend against painters tape. It always left a residual stickiness when I used it. Go for any of these: https://signwarehouse.com/products/enduramask-perfect-tear-transfer-tape?variant=32001227522141

For specifically a shot glass, using tape should help with the focus. You’ll probably get a cleaner engraving. Then what you can also do is engrave, paint the part you engraved with a lasting paint, then remove the tape. Should look pretty good.

Just my suggestions c:


It did that before printing though…

Folks here have talked about putting a layer of dish soap on the glass prior to engraving making a noticeable difference. I don’t know why, I just know it works!

I didn’t treat the shot glass in any way…liquid soap huh…hmmm.

I’m getting the hang of things!