Slainte Mhath Whiskey bottle

Sliante Mhath - translated means Good Health

Just in time to fill it up for the weekend! lol :rofl:

Tip: be sure your light film of liquid soap goes ALL the way over the engraving area.


Very nice - like the font you used too!

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That’s beautiful!

Plus this:

is a great image to have when people ask “so what does soap do?”

So…silver lining? :slight_smile:


Absolutely!! And, since this one is my PERSONAL bottle (LOL) we’re only using it as an example. :smile:


Gosh, it really looks nice!


Turned out great!


You deserve a toast!

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Thanks for posting this zoomed in photo. I had missed the suggested use of liquid soap when engraving glass. I reviewed the forum on this subject and several sources suggest that the soap helps dissipate excess heat so that glass does not break. This photo indicates that there is something more than heat dissipation. As a chemist that has done glass blowing (I am showing my age), one trick to get better results when breaking glass tubing to length is to score around the tube then apply water. The water reacts with the glass in the scored surface and enhances crack propagation. I suspect that there is a similar processes going on here. Since glass engraves better (according to some reports) at an 80% dither, the moisture remaining the the neighbouring spots where the laser did not hit probably causes crack propagation and and greater spalling of the glass surface.

I would put whisky in the bottle though…


What is the source for the flask bottle? Did you have any particular fixturing tips to share? Does it require the removal of the crumb tray? Cool project!

I got the bottle at Hobby Lobby . I did have to take the crumb tray out. As for fixturing, I put it smack in the center so the camera distortion would be less, and took my time aligning the design. Be sure your thin layer of liquid soap is consistent throughout the engrave area. And I did nothing more than that/



Per forum guidelines, you can’t discuss settings for non-Proofgrade material in this forum, only in Beyond the Manual.

Hi, thanks! I posted a topic on my glass spice jars and their settings which is nearly the same. (Just adjust the hight of the material to whatever you’re using). Spice Bottles Link and Settings Hope this helps!