Our makerspace member made this map

… and it is amazing.

Trevor Crosta is a member of our makerspace here in Bend, Oregon, as well as a volunteer. He has been excited about making things on the Glowforge since before it arrived, and he put his passions into creating these topographic trail maps.

In Central Oregon there is an active outdoor hiking community and plenty of trails to hike or bike on. For some people these activities can be very important parts of their lives, so it made sense to Trevor to create beautiful wooden topographic maps of the trails for them to purchase as art.

After much trial and error he has finally produced these. As with any art it is still evolving as he continues to create, but it is looking amazing already.

He has launched a website to sell his goods (already getting orders too!) and he hopes to buy his own laser soon enough. Check out his work below.


That is an awesome idea. The map displays are great. :grinning:


Love these topos!


Such meticulous workmanship! It’s nice to see someone being successful with their art.

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Good luck to Trevor on his new venture

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Thank you - what a great post! And great maps!

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Wow! What a fabulous display!

I grew up in Bend and was excited to see this when I searched the forums for trail maps. Great work!

Those are fantastic! How many hours of work must have gone into them, I can only imagine…