Out of boredom, a big flexible sheet of wood was made



How long did it take


As one does!


Can anyone in your neighborhood still breathe? The ISS crew reported a large smoke plume coming from @bbum’s house today notable from space obscuring large parts of the US; cause is under investigation…


I’d like to see a speed comparison between that, and rotating the art 90*. The up-right-down-repeat must add a ton of time vs a full width dash-dash-dash-dash, no?


A little over an hour.


Heh-- I’m seriously looking forward to the filter (sometime in June, last I checked).

Smells just a bit camp-fire-y in the side yard. :).

As it is now winter, there are a handful of active fireplaces in the 'hood. I blend in.


The path planning is seriously sub-optimal for this. Left-to-right rows of small cuts.

Would rotating 90º cause it to do each line of dash-dash-dash separately? I.e. is the path planner fixated on horizontal movement?


horizontal movement is preferred to vertical, but that would probably get broken into smaller sections. (I’ve seen stuff go both way, but horizontal movement is faster than vertical.)


I made a post a while back about changing the path direction which can increase efficiency… it may or may not be worth it - it just depends on the job and how often you are running the job.


Already you are bored?

Looks great though!


Not really boredom. More out of a desire to burn something and not having time to do a design. :slight_smile:


Now that I can totally understand.


Other stuff to do, but don’t like the glowforge sitting there not working so…

yeah, I feel that.


Cool sheet!:sunglasses:


Now to figure out how to turn that into a piece of clothing for fashion week. LOL