Out of the Box GF basic Safety Interlock Error

Just received my GF basic after shipping delays and the thing doesn’t even made a single part yet and got an error saying Safety Interlock open.
I saw few other people in the community had this problem and they had to replace their machines.
I think this company doesn’t have a quality system in place, how can a machine wont even run once. Very disappointed with my purchase, no one should go through this kind of service, spending thousands of dollars on purchase, wire routing, ventilation, business permits and on final day cant even make a single piece to test. How am I suppose to trust the product in the long run when the warranty expires in 6 months. Even if they offer me replacement I will be loosing money as the purpose of the machine was only to make Christmas related products.
Lets see what the support team has to offer.

Welcome to the forum. You are completely justified in being disappointed in receiving a non functional Glowforge. I am sure the Glowforge staff will be along soon to work with you on resolving this issue. Your basic doesn’t have a safety interlock (only the pro machines have them) so this is an error that can only be addressed by staff. Good luck.

Yes I already have an idea that they will apologize and ask me to send back for replacement as they did it with a few others I found on this forum. If they tested by running a simple piece they would have found the problem. Looks like this is a systematic problem they have as its a no brainer to test products before shipping.

They do test each unit before it ships.

Every unit is tested before shipment. They have no control over how they are mishandled during transit. It’s unfortunate but it happens.


Transit mishandling wont cause an error that’s not even applicable to GF Basic, only GF Pro has the safety interlock present on the back of the machine.

It would if there is some kind of jumper missing internally that replaces the wired connection on the Pro. You would think it is disabled by software, but you’re not the first to report this issue.

Just confirmed - there is a jumper on that connector on the Basic/Plus. At least, there should be. It’s halfway down the right side of the main control board, next to the unused speaker connection.

(Pic from a basic showing jumper)

Thanks, let me check once I get back to the machine in few hours. Hopefully that solves the problem.

Unfortunately, that connector is not accessible without significant disassembly of the machine. It’s under the right side control board cover plate, which would also require removal of the top surface assembly on that side.

Off course, that is the reason I was wondering why this situation was not caught during testing if they did any. I will be on the verge of huge loss financially and lost opportunity if I have to return the unit. The only reason I went with GF and not overseas versions with larger beds and power was reliability and customer service, looks like I was wrong.
Thanks for looking into it, and still waiting for GF team to reply.

They should today. Standard response is one business day.

Perhaps there is something they can do in software.

Hello @amitrajriar, I see you’ve also emailed us about this this issue and we’re working on it there. To avoid duplication I’m going to close this topic.