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No matter what i do , an images im working with only comes out as engrage, Iv saved it as SVG.PDF,PNG,JPG - As soon as it gets in glowforge it is only Engravable …

Please help…

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@georgebarrows26 I have noticed the ONLY files that really allow cut / score / etc are .SVG files, all the rest seem to import as a ‘raster’ file, not a ‘vector’ file.

OOPS I didn’t see you tried .SVG - maybe zap your cache on the browser, see if something went wonky there?

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Images can only be engraved. If you post a sample SVG file here maybe you will get recommendations? :sunglasses:

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JPG and PNG are raster formats - they’ll never cut/score.
SVG and PDF can contain both raster and vector elements, just choosing that format won’t magically change whether artwork is vector or raster. That needs to be done in a design program. Which program are you using and what does your artwork look like?

Ps- if you read the entire thread you referenced in your original post many people have already pulled up helpful posts and tutorials to address how file formats work.


Regardless how it is saved, if it is not a vector file it can only be engraved. Use something like inkscape to make it a vector (ie: trace bitmap) then save it and it will work.


Asset 1
This is an example of one of the files that only will go to engrave and no other option

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There’s nothing here to see. Zip your SVG or PDF file and attach it with your post.

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Sorry -

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This is definitely a raster image (two solid fill colors) and will only engrave.

Are you wanting to cut it out around the edges? You’d need to use a design app to add a vector cut line around it to do that.


You can also add a cut line to it in the GFUI. On the right side you will see ‘create outline’.

It will place an outline around your image which can then be cut. This may only be available if you have premium.


HI @georgebarrows26. I’m sorry to see you’ve run into trouble with getting your design printed as desired. I see that you’ve been receiving some great help from fellow Community members. After reviewing the design, @Xabbess is correct about the file being optimized for engraves since everything is being read as fills. Let me know if the suggestion from fellow members was able to help you get this resolved, and another great resource that can help you with his is our support link below:


Thank you!

It would out- thanks soo much - I was able to edit the image …

Hi @georgebarrows26. That’s great news! Thank you for following up to let us know. I’ll go ahead and close the thread, but feel free to create a new thread if you run into any further trouble. Happy printing!