“over the rainbow” Music box


We bought our daughter an “over the rainbow” winding music player for a Christmas stocking stuffer. It need an enclosure so I fired up the Glowforge and came up with this. Scored and engraved the rainbow on the front then used colored pencil to give it a little color.


Nice! “Well, I’ll just whip out an enclosure!”


I wondered when somebody was going to make a music box. It came out great! Love the colored pencil in the engraving.


Very sweet!


I made one before Christmas


Whoooops! That’s right! I just can’t keep up…

Sorry I forgot!


No worries…you’re not the Lone Ranger with not keeping up on everything! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am sure your daughter will love and cherish it.


Oh very pretty decorated with the rainbow! :grinning:


A favorite! Especially when sung by Israel “Iz” Ka’ano’i Kamakawiwo’Ole … The Best of the best!


That’s my cool down song on the workout mix! :grinning:


FYI, forum guidelines say it’s not okay to ask for files. This way it doesn’t force the maker into a position to say “no.”




Here is the file I used to create a music box enclosure.


Music Box.pdf (6.2 KB)


Here are the files for the music box. Enjoy!

TOP.PDF (5.4 KB)


Thank you! Appreciate your willingness to share!


Thank you! Appreciate your willingness to share your work!