Overheating Issues Since Attaching Air Filter

I recently bought a new Glowforge air filter and hooked it up/got it running with no issues. My Glowforge pro works with no issues during engraving and scoring, but about 2-4 minutes into cutting it overheats pretty frequently. I’m in a cool room, the exhaust tube is short and only has 2 bends. I set up a fan on the right side of my Glowforge. There is nothing obstructing the intake air vents. I never had overheating issues until I switched from venting through a window to venting through an air filter. Help!

I am working with 1/8" acrylic and have never had issues with overheating with the current settings I have.

Welcome to the community. I’m thinking that someone more knowledgeable about this will chime in with some suggestions or ideas. I am curious though…why would you switch from venting through a window to using a filter? Venting to the outside is the very best option when it’s available.

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I recently moved to a room that doesn’t have a realistic space to vent out a window anymore.

Have you turned up the speed dial on the filter? You’ll have to turn it up as the filter fills up to maintain the same air flow rate. If the machine is overheating, it means either the room is too hot, or there is not enough air flowing through it to cool it. The filters can fill up pretty fast; when you have it turned up to the highest speed and your Glowforge is still overheating despite a cool room, that means the cartridge is full and needs replacing.


I have tried turning it up. It overheated the first time I used it, so I doubt I cannot imagine it’s full. Maybe my room is just too hot…

Glowforge Basic and Plus have a maximum operating temperature of 75F


Have you confirmed that there are no obstructions in the vent leading to the filter and that there isn’t anything inside the filter cabinet that might be limiting airflow? Open the filter cabinet and confirm that the cartridge is not wrapped in plastic and that all sides are clear of anything that might stop air from flowing.


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