Overlap printing

I have made several prints with no problems. We cleaned the lense and the fans. Now it prints like
This, the right side print, prints way farther out overlapping the other side. Again, I have made this several time no issues. We calibrated it and set focus over this piece.
Please help!
Thank you

Such movement occurs when the machine “loses itself”, “thinking” where it is, becomes different than where it actually is. Most commonly this is the result of hitting something so the belt etc. moves differently than the head. It also can be the result of a loose belt particularly when a sharp turn causes the belt to slip.

It is possible that you could reboot the machine and not see the problem again if neither of those causes occur. but if they occur again the problem will return :slightly_smiling_face:


Before you waste a bunch more material, what does it do if you are doing a small test version of this file? I would try what @rbtdanforth said and try to either use another material like cardboard or something to test it. It’s so frustrating when you waste lots of material… don’t ask how I know. :smiley:


Thank you all for your help! So it was the belt, it was on incorrectly.
Only now it cuts the lines and circles crooked.

Resolved!!! The belt was too loose! Now it’s perfect


So glad you got it figured out!

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Hi @dawndowd

There were some great recommendations from the community here. I’m so glad you were able to figure this out by tightening the belt.

Since this is resolved, I’m going to close out this thread for now.

If you run into more trouble or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.