Overwatching some presents


I was making a gift pack for some friends and wanted to share before I send them off. I’ve been having fun with Corian etching and like making deep cuts for using as cookie stamps so I mad these two double sided so I could test out more patterns and see how they did.

Of the 4 patterns, the only one that gave me trouble was the wing one. I think it has too much flat area that presses against the cookie face when stamping which kept sticking to the cookies. They worked well with shortbread though :slight_smile:

I’ll be sending these cookie stamps along with the retro floppy coasters I made. I’d send them down with a batch of cookies, but I’m pretty sure they’d just be crumbs by the time they got there :slight_smile:

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Really cool! How does the corian do? Does it etch pretty well? I appears to have done just fine.


Those cookie stamps work amazingly well! I can’t get ahold of Corian, but I’m thinking acetal might work just as well. Thanks for the inspiration!


Do you think it was the wong wing one ?


Would sprinkling flour or powdered sugar help prevent sticking?


corian, eh? time to start stockpiling samples/scraps when i can find them…


I asked our local Big Home stores and they dont keep corian scraps from installations and its expensive to purchase :disappointed: Im going to look for some other home builder companies that might point me to scraps maybe…one can always hope.:smile:


you need to have a friend in the construction business to get scraps. :slight_smile:

working at an architecture firm, i’ve asked my interiors folks to never throw away samples w/o letting me look at them first. now i know corian is something i need to snag. probably only 2x2 squares, but sometimes they’re larger.


Very nice! I like the PO’d bunny! :smile:


Inventables has 8x12 Corian sheets for what it’s worth.


The coasters are awesome.


Corian works great to etch into a depth. Sourcing is the biggest challenge to get it cheap, but make friends with a kitchen contractor or kitchen designer place. There are quite a few examples of Corian engraved on a Glowforge on the forum, including @macphee’s orginal cookie post.


No kidding? But then I’d have to figure out how to cut it. I do have a ring saw. Hmmmmmm…


You can cut it with wood working tools, it can be processed just like wood. I picked up some kitchen sink cutouts from a kitchen countertop place for $5.00 each. :blush:


My only woodworking tool is the laser–haha! But I’d love to score some $5 pieces, was it from a kitchen place?


Actually the place just does countertops for kitchens and baths. But kitchen designers could probably hook you up with a fabricator where you could buy the cutouts.


Corian etches very well. I found that they have remnants at some local shops that do kitchen or bathroom remodeling, but also online at www.solidsurface.com, though I’ve not yet ordered from them. You can also cut it to laser-ing size with a table saw or other wood working tool it seems (not sure how quick it dulls the blade though). I do agree though that acetal might work even better and you can still get nice deep etches with it, but I’d recommend multi-pass etching for acetal normally or it can catch fire.


It does help, just have to do more for the wing one I guess.


:clap: :rofl:


I bought some 1/2 inch thick corian at the inventables, what settings did you use for this? Or do you have any info on proper settings or places to find them out by chance? :slight_smile: