Owl Light Switch Cover


Glowforge posted this on their FB timeline today alongside a little background behind the project… and Owl be darned if I don’t enjoy a little behind the scenes.

(may be a updated version of this)


I don’t know WHO wouldn’t like this. So fun!


You could say its a… whoot.


I saw it and was immediately enraptored.


I’m talon you, anything that begins with “What happens when a three year old with a laser…” is worth looking at! ROTFL


This is owlkward…I can’t think of another one… I call fowl play.


Just _beak_ause:


This thread is going to screech to a sudden halt if no more puns show up!


I don’t think we’ll run out any time soon. The Glowforge community it’s pretty good at winging it.


All of us here are guilty of flights of fancy.


You all are a bunch of wise guys, cracking these jokes.


I think I reign. I have busted so many threads here - I plea guilty.
Interesting, on introspect I realize I only do that with people I’m comfortable with. :blush:

I have several switch covers I intend to remake and elaborate. This place is great for ideas.


You can pellet’s gonna be a long thread when puns are this bad…:unamused:


I’m down for some feathery puns. Something to sink your talons into.


one more comment…just BEAK us :grin:


Okay. I’m clawing it. I say we owl just quit. This amount of puns should be considered a falcon. err felony. Whatever. I’m trying too hard.


All these puns are fowl.


I’m sitting here trying to hatch up some new ones… I’m sure there are some egg-selent ones just waiting to hatch… but I can’t think of one that will crack you guys up… im serious its not a yoke.


Thought I had Spotted more puns in the Barn, but the ground is Snowy, and my path is Barred by an Australian, Masked and Burrowing his Spectacled face down into his Great Grey Collared Boreal coat.


Anyone know feather or not there will be any more puns? :neutral_face: