Ownership of my Glowforge

I just received my Glowforge Basic and went through the setup process with no difficulties. When I looked at the Glowforge in my account, it was associated with an unknown user email and my information is not associated with the device ID. I have no admin privileges. Have I received a refurbished unit that belonged to another customer?

Chances are the testers at the Glowforge factory accidentally left their credentials. It used to happen fairly often.

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Yep. Sometimes they forget to zero out their info. (The machines are pretested before shipping.)

They will have to fix that on Glowforge’s end, so sit tight until they can get you added.

Many thanks!

I’m so sorry for the confusion here, it was entirely our fault.

The email account is from one of the technicians in the factory.

Normally, that account would be removed as part of the factory process, but for some reason that didn’t happen here. I’m going to investigate how and why this happened, but in the meantime, I’ve resolved the problem on your account.

  • I’ve correctly set you as the owner of the unit
  • I’ve removed the erroneous account

I’m so sorry about that, but it should be all fixed up now.

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