Owyn's: Another Monopoly Board


Yes, I do make other things besides Monopoly boards. No, I’m not planning on making another one. For the board, I ended up using some cherry ply from Owyn’s, versus proofgrade from GF. The Star Wars board that used Proofgrade ply has some significant warping, and I’m keeping some weights on it trying to straighten out the boards. The Owyn’s ply has been true, and no warping, even after cutting. Outside of having to add your own mask, and it not being finished, I think that this was a nicer piece of wood.

In 1991, I worked as a camp counselor at a summer camp in northern Wisconsin. Best summer of my life. I have been volunteering for them ever since. I am currently on the board of directors, and our annual Strong Kids campaign raises money for those kids who normally cannot afford to go to camp. I’m not very good with the ask and trying to get contributions in the traditional sense, so after creating the Star Wars Monopoly board, I decided to make one specifically for Camp Jorn, and raffle it off. This one took significantly less time than the last, but still a ton of work. Here is my 2nd Monopoly board:

And here is the SVG for the bankers tray, if anyone is interested.

My Catan Board
Settlers of catan?

Man, you’re really making me want to personalize a Monopoly set! (I like the camp one best I think.) :smile:


Wow, this is fabulous! Both the execution and the idea behind it are simply wonderful :slight_smile:


Absolutely amazing! It should fetch a tiny sum, at least I hope so!


That is awesome! Certainly looks like it must have taken a ton of time!


Ok. You need to stop. I already have over 1000 “pinned” ideas on my lasercut board, and I check this place daily. (I don’t have an addiction, I can quit anytime I want to. I just don’t want to. You’re not the boss of me.) I don’t need you adding chit to the must-make list! Ok? Jeez! :wink:


How do you get such good colors in the cards and properties? It doesn’t look like sharpies or just regular paint to me.


It’s just acrylic paint. I engraved the areas that I wanted to paint at 50% power, to get the wood down to where the paint will stick. I left the masking on all around the area where I wanted to paint, and removed it when the paint was dry. Nothing fancy. :slight_smile:


Mention of proofgrade warping caught my attention, I’ll have to look into this Owyn’s thing! Unfortunately, I doubt that the warp will come out of the Proofgrade you mentioned if it’s still there, from my experience.


That’s a great fundraiser idea and an excellent design all the way around.


Love the new board! Thanks for that svg as well, using a living hinge on the tray is a neat design element.


The board is stunning … Absolutely love the player pieces … And totally wowed by the banker’s tray. Thank you for sharing the file!


I love this. I would like to make one with a golf theme. I would appreciate an email or call to discuss the specifics of this board.
Steve Jantz
(405) 255-4157


I absolutely love this. I want to make one! Very clever and creative.


The fundraising raffle for this board ends tonight. The raffle has raised $1,700.00 from 29 people. More than I expected, so I’m happy that it worked out.


Wow dude, congrats! $1700! woo hoo.


That is fantastic !!! That should help a lot of kids get to camp !


What a tremendous project with a great cause. Congrats on $1700!


Needed a way to give this board game away, so just went with a Uline packaging box and engraved the cardboard. Nothing fancy, but at least ready for transport to deliver the game.


Looks good! :grinning: