P-51 Mustang Airplanes (foam core) - Just for fun while we wait for the Turkey

Happy thanksgiving,

.156" foam core.
P-51 schematics from wikipedia.
Adobe Illustrator image trace.

Pink = Ignore (helps line up material)
Black = Score
Green = Cut half-way (to make live hinges)
Blue = 1st Cut
Red = 2nd Cut
~:10min cut time

2x 3/4" washers in the nose for ballast.
Hot glue.

Hook on the nose for using a rubber band.

Go fly…



I think I’m supposed to post the non-certified settings someplace else…


Awesome fun! (And thanks, you can post the settings in the Beyond the Manual section.) :grinning:

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This is great! Thank you so very much!

Thank you for the file. I used to fly balsa wood models like this when I was a kid.

Very cute project! Thanks for the file.

Fantastic project! Very cool of you to post the file. I imagine kids of all ages will delight in its build and flight.

That’s very cool. Thanks for sharing!

How does it fly, say compared to the balsa wood kit airplanes that have a slight concave / convex shape to the wing for lift.

can someone teme where everyone is posting their files for all your amazing ideas

I realized I posted a jpg and not the svg… P-51 tri body with tabs v1.svg.zip (12.8 KB)

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This looks great! Did you post the settings somewhere else? I’ve never cut foam core before. Is it pretty standard size for the foam core, or do you special order it?


Just wondering if you ever posted the power/speed settings you used on this project? I know did a quick look in the beyond the manual section.

Other after though, since we tend to have to zip the project up why not make a quick text/rtf file with the settings if working on a material that is not prof grade


Settings posted, sorry for the delay. Busy few weeks back to work…

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