P;ease help....the cutting process

I was doing fine learning the GLOWFORGE PRO… until today. When I start a print…it does all the engraving but stops…it doesn’t move to the cutting stage. This is first time happening today, all my other projects were successful in cutting. I am using proofgrade Glowforge material. Can anyone please help!!!

The good news is that your Glowforge works fine if it is engraving. We just have to determine why is isn’t cutting as you had hoped.

Can you please share a screenshot of your project in the interface so that we can see what you are trying to cut and what the settings are?


Newbie here. How do i share screenshot in the interface?

After you take a screenshot, simply drag it from your computer into a comment box here in the forum.

Regarding your original post, I am thinking that perhaps your cut lines are outside of the usable Glowforge area and that is why they didn’t cut.

Here is a screenshot of a project on my interface. One square will cut, but the other one won’t because the cut line is outside of the usable area. The circle will engrave. Notice how one square shows a dotted line while the other is defined with a solid line. The solid line is in the usable area and will cut. The dotted lined square needs to be moved for it to cut.

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If the square and engraved circle are linked then if either cannot be done then neither would be. This is a feature as it is very annoying to do only half the cuts. If you choose both on the screen and right-click you can link them together.

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