Package Lost?

Well I always feel it’s easier to get a hold of customer service through this so I’ll just post here. I placed an order on 12/10/18 with order number #R641268835. I received a tracking update for it on 12/12/18 in an email that stated it was being sent via UPS flat rate, which, when I searched the tracking number it pulled up FedEx. Not a big deal. The big deal is that it said it was going to be delivered on 01/05/19, and did not arrive. Not only did it not arrive, but the arrival date changed to “Pending” (sounds like a few air filters I know :wink:). Sure, I understand shipping to me is going to take a while sometimes, and from what I understand, instead of being sent UPS flat rate, it was sent via FedEx Smartpost to save on cost, I mean it was a package that had a bit more in it than my usual orders being sent to Hawaii.

My concern is that I placed a second order on 12/31/18 and it’s said to be delivered on 1/9/18…This second one is heavier by 5 pounds, but it takes less time to get to me? I called FedEx to inquire where my first one is, and they said it was more than likely lost as it’s been more than 10 days without any tracking updates. The first tracking number number is 075222270005477 while FedEx updated me with a secondary tracking number which was 9261290986244325005465 and said I would need to contact the sender to resolve this.

Can someone also help clarify the shipping in general? I could figure that with the holidays there may have been some issues that would normally not be a problem, but I read forum posts that said they were getting their stuff within a week, so I can’t fathom why mine would take so much longer than that, and then right after Christmas I can place a heavier order and have it be sent through a different service, and arrive much sooner.

Thanks in advance, Support, you guys always end up doing right by me, so I’ll just hang out and wait for some good news. Also, whoever is writing the emails for tracking updates, if you use a different service than UPS Flat Rate, might be a good idea to edit the email to reflect that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



My 2 cents. The tracking number in the email screenshot is Fedex and shows in transit for delivery tomorrow while the first is Fedex which they handed off to the US Post office (secondary tracking) for final delivery. I suspect that’s why it says pending as they are no longer tracking it themselves.

Correct, but this is why I said that FedEx gave me a secondary tracking number today when I called. 9261290986244325005465 this one can be used both on FedEx and USPS, but USPS side says they are still waiting for the package, so FedEx did something goofy with it and now there’s no updates on either side beyond FedEx saying they sent info over to USPS to receive the package. The screenshot I attached earlier is for the second package, I was just pointing out that in the email it states it’s through UPS Flat Rate, when clearly they gave me a FedEx tracking number with a link to FedEx - I found it humorous is all.

Here’s a screenshot of the USPS side of things:

I only made the post because FedEx encouraged me to contact the sender to get it resolved; I was assuming they would be able to point me in the right direction, so I gave them a call first.

Interesting. Well good luck. Hopefully they will sort it out quickly.

Can I get an update to this, or any sort of response from the staff? Kind of annoying to see this post blatantly ignored, considering you’ll respond to people within hours of a post, but it’s been 3 days and not even a “we’re looking into this for you” for this…

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I’m terribly sorry for the delay in our response. I’ve asked the team to look into the status of your shipment and I’ll follow up as soon as I get an update.

Thank you for your patience while we sort this out.

Thanks for your continued patience. We’ve reached out to FedEx and your tracking information has been updated with the latest status. Your local Post Office should process and deliver your package within two to three days.

I’ll leave this thread open so you can let us know if it doesn’t arrive.


I checked your tracking information and see that your package was delivered so I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other questions, feel free to start a new topic!