Padded pliers

When assembling most designs the hammer works fine. However there are some designs where a hammer won’t fit or is just not the right tool.
I have been looking at this on Amazon:

Has anybody used this tool or has a better idea?

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I guess it would help to know what you’re planning to use them for. I’ve never used pliers of any kind on a laser-cut project (or a hammer, for that matter.) Clamps, yes.

I have a pair of similar pliers from back in my RC modeling days. I used them so infrequently, I have no idea where they are.

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My fingers are just not that strong anymore to assemble many of the Glowforge (and other) designs and a hammer is necessary, or glue - which I hate. Also, after assembling, some projects need tweaking and pliers seems to be a good choice.
Looking for anyone who has experience with these or other pliers.

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Well, when I used them, as mentioned above, it was for RC modeling related work - which did involve a lot of wood, especially balsa. They weren’t any different from regular pliers, which is why I never really used them a lot. Just a gentler hold with regular metal pliers worked just as well, and I could get a set of six different nose types at harbor freight for a few $$.

I think they are really designed for things that need a really firm hold without damaging the surface - like brass pins and such.

When I need non marring pliers I just wrap my existing pliers in masking tape. Maybe give that a try before you buy the tool?


Good point! I’ve put duct tape on the jaws.

I use the tiny size of these:



I’ve used some of these…but, for working on jewelry findings to keep from scratching them. I can imagine other good uses for them too, though.


I find the plastic pliers to be crazy weak (though I haven’t bought any for years so they may have improved).

I take my regular needlenose pliers and tape a piece of leather to the insides - it gives you a nice padded lip with lots of grip.


I would recommend parallel-jaw pliers instead. this will give you more grip along the entire upper and lower surfaces rather than just at a point. Ever had an object twist out of the grip of your pliers? this will solve it, and has padded jaws as well.


I use these all the time to hold small stuff steady, or for pick up, etc. great for shaky hands.