Paiko - Strategy Board Game Print-And-Play

There’s a fantastic strategy game called Paiko that offers a free print-and-play pdf. I converted that pdf into SVG files and they went through a lot of work to get them ready for use with the Glowforge.

You can see my Paiko set here with more details.

Here are the SVG files used to print the board and tiles. (Technically I may have been looking at the board upside down when making this. Thankfully it doesn’t matter.)

Note: The quadrants are each a little bit unique with the sizes/heights, so the two middle-ground quadrants should both be used, even though they are otherwise the same.

I printed my board on :proofgrade: thick cherry plywood. It took a handful of tweaks to the engrave settings to get the designs to show up just right. Here are the settings I used for the designs of the homeground board quadrants:

Speed: 490
Power: 61
LPI: 450
1 pass

Here are the settings I used for the lines on the board:
Speed: 500 (default)
Power: 41 (default)
LPI: 225
1 pass


Very cool and thanks for sharing your hard work. :sunglasses:

I hope you don’t mind, but I combined the quads into two 20x12-inch SVGs to enhance placement in the GFUI. The tiles got their own file, too (and I colored the cut lines for them). (333.4 KB)


Yes, indeed! Thanks for sharing the files! (Beautiful job on the game! ) :grinning:

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!! :heart:

Sweet :slight_smile: I printed mine all on one piece, stacking the opposite quadrants next to each other. If I had another cherry plywood, I was thinking about printing them at a 45 degree angle to get a neat effect with the grain, but only had one piece to work with.

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:+1: I dawned on me as I was driving home from work that all four would fit on a single piece of PF. D’oh!

@thejambi = awesome!

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Thanks for sharing this just in the nick of time! Our nephew & his girlfriend loves board games.

Printed, packed into a custom bag my wife whipped up, and out the door to Fedex. :sunglasses::+1:


Sweet! Also, sorry about the one rogue wavy line in the water design, that’s my bad.

As far as rules go, did you print this out and include that?

Included both the quick guide and the rules of engagement. :+1:

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