Paint rack for miniature paints


My glowforge arrived yesterday :slight_smile: My first real design is a paint rack for my miniature paints:

I used 1/4" home depot MDF. I need to find a supplier of 1/8" cause that created a ton of smoke.


sturdy, though!


Excellent! I could use something like that for the bajillion bottles of craft paint I’ve got upstairs! :grinning:


Neat! Tool racks like this are definitely on my list.




True dat. I expect 1/8" will be plenty sturdy too


I plan on making one for the craft paints you can see off to the left. I’ll probably make the design available.


:+1: :hedgie::squeeee:


I buy 1/8" MDF at home depot as well. They sell it in 2"x4" sheets, which they will cut for you if you ask nicely.


This is great! I’d love to make one of these for my tamiya paints. If I only had a lasercutter…


Interesting, so far I’ve only been able to find 1/4" at my local home depot. Maybe I need to look around at other stores.


I’m in Canada mind-you. But I have no problem finding it at any of the Home Depots I visit (there are 4 of them I regularly visit depending on where I’m at in the city). They all carry the 1/8 stuff. Typically it’s right next to the 1/4" small sheets.




Our local one I as looking last night the 2x2 1/8 was only 3.64$. Didn’t catch the price for the 2x4x1/8


Perhaps it’s just in Canada. I just looked at and I get:

But if I look at, I don’t see the same thing. There is this:

But it’s more expensive (which is the first time something would be more expensive in the US than Canada), so I’m not sure it’s the same thing.


I’ve been reading up on hardboard, and it apparently doesn’t laser cut well (but apparently engraves really well)

I plan on checking Ace Hardware and Lowes tonight for 1/8"


I’ve used what home-depot describes as hardboard (the 1/8 stuff) to make a LOT of projects. It cuts really well.

I’ve made a lot of miniature terrain for my son’s warhammer games out of the stuff:


This is a box made out of it:

And here’s another:

It’s my go-to material for prototyping. I hope the cheaper proofgrade stuff that they are marketing (I forget its name) will be similar.


Oh that looks great! What settings do you use? imma go buy some tonight


I love your projects @polarbrainfreeze!


Yup, I’m still confused on how to tell before buying it and bringing it home whether it’s going to cut or not. This post mentioned it didn’t cut :confused: