Paint Stir Stick(s) - or a sign / fan holder

Here is a very quick and dirty design for a paint stir stick, complete with cut-in curved handle.
(ZIP file contains both a single and a batch of 12.)
Paint Stir (1.9 KB)

Design is for the larger stick pictured that forms the “pole” of the T.

Had I PROPERLY completed the design, I would have broken the cuts that make the handle out and gotten rid of the excess, but as I said, this is for a “quick and dirty” cut.

A couple of notes: If you are ACTUALLY going to use this for paint, MAKE SURE you clean the edges. My recommendation: Tape the batch of them together, and then use a magic eraser on the group of them at the same time. Sand it even further if you wish.

I wasn’t using them for actually Stirring paint - I used the design to make holders for 8.5 x 11" cardstock signs for a socially distanced / car-based graduation parade for a college-grad daughter of good friends of ours (later today).

Here’s a link to pics of those, in the “practical cuts” thread.


Thank you