Painting Clear Acrylic peeling

Hi All,

I have searched the forums but have not found anything specific. I have been engraving clear and black acrylic for wedding and general signs. I am painting the engraved areas of the acrylic with black paint for the clear or gold paint for the black.

The problem I am having is that whilst it looks like it is painted, the next day it seems to expose the rough area in the engrave again and just looks blotchy. I did some googling and saw that ‘some people’ say use rub & buff but can’t seem to find a lot of Glowforge users doing this.

How do you paint your acrylic?



I use generic spray paints, Krylon or similar. I also brush on generic crafting acrylic paint. Never had an issue as you describe.


That would be an issue with the type of paint you’re using, I use Krylon and Rustoleum spray paints, or regular craft acrylics and have never had an issue like this.