Good evenig ladies and gentlemen. Does anyone have any pointers about how or if you can remove or lighten the color of engraving? to explain what I’m speaking of, after engraving, the brown color or smudge or whatever it may be called of the letters or images. My customers that want my products want the letters to be different colors. Can that be removed with any product? Each time I try to paint the letters or images, it doesn’t paint well. I’ve been using the draftboard for those items. Will other material paint better or will that brown still appear? Or is there a specific paint that is better used for those projects? Not sure if I explained well enough what I am asking about.

“A picture is worth 1000 words.” :+1: Are you using masking?
If I understand, after engraving the mask is perfect for painting. I use plain old rattle-can Krylon.
Sometimes paint will bleed into the grain of the wood. To prevent that I use a small artist’s brush and first paint the edges of the engrave with clear, then spray paint with color.

For different colors you can mask them individually with painters tape after the engrave.

The engraving process removes layers of the wood, exposing the underlying layers. The only way to change the color is to paint or bleach or in some other way alter the wood layer that has been exposed. There are lots of examples here in the forum of people coloring their work. Here is one:

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Thank you so much, yes I use masking. These answered my question.

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Thank you so very much.

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