Paisley Guitar

OMG HOW GORGEOUS! :raised_hands:

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THAT is the most beautiful guitar I’ve EVER seen…Fantastic job!

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Simply stunning!!

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Well done. That took some smarts… and guts!

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it helps that we started with a raw, unfinished guitar body. so we weren’t going to ruin a $500+ guitar if i messed up, just a $50-$100 blank. i still felt way too angsty about it, which in retrospect was silly. it wouldn’t have been the end of the world to have to buy a new blank.

if someone handed me a $1,000+ guitar and said, “engrave that paisley pattern on this,” i’d probably say no.

if they asked me to engrave something simpler (i.e., more forgiving) to line up, i’d probably do it. possibly.


The name is starting to sink in with me…Les Paul, Guild, Martin, Paisley…I like it.

WOW STUNNING !!! how long did that take?

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they’re branded as CAM Custom Guitars.

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Absolutely amazing!


Fantastic - so crisp and the design just pops!



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I have an old Washburn guitar I was wanting to try this on. It is factory painted red already though. My concern is not knowing what chemicals may be inside that paint and released through processing. Any suggestions or thoughts?

i haven’t tried anything but a raw wood guitar yet. everything we’ve done has been a kit build.

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