Paper cardstock letter organizer

I had a bunch of cardstock that was easily ignored because they were just stacked on top of each other - accessibility while staying organized is freedom. Bought a 4’x8’ hardboard from Homedepot for $10 and ended up using $1 worth to make this organizer.

Used a template from Thingiverse: but wanted the tray to open from the narrow side, so mod-ed the file.

Voila! Pure organization satisfaction.


Nicely done.


oooh, how neat. Love the narrow opening remix.


Very nice & thanks for sharing your project and the link! I like your orientation better, too!


Looks great! The openings for the ability to grab the paper is a real asset!

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I been needing to make this for awhile. I finally made one out of cardboard this evening.


That came out really well. (Looking around at the paper piles everywhere around me) Such a useful thing, too…

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Here is link to the setting used to generate a organizer. You can tweak the settings for your needs.

Storage Shelf

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If you use the link I provided it will override the default settings and give what I used.

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oh that’s super, thank you. As soon as it cools down enough (laserspace is a garage in Socal) I’m going to make this. I love

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lol - that was my problem but with the Glowforge we can make our own solutions! I hope you’re staying safe from the fires. Also in SoCal area now…and I’ve been avoiding using the GF in general in this heatwave -_-


Nice to hear from you again! Be safe from the fires, the heat and the rolling black outs.


Oh yes, it’s madness with all the fires.

We are thankfully in the mostly-pavement section. The last few years have sure had me setting aside the dream of running off to a hillside lair.