Paper coaster

So I’ve had these blank paper fiber coasters for a while and never got around to doing anything with them. No longer, here’s a quick engrave. Quick warning, it contains a little profanity, which has been blurred, even in the blurred image below (blurception!). Not appropriate for kids or sexists.


That’s beautiful!

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I have some of those also. Yours turned out great! I started using them once, but wanted color, and didn’t have time to add.

I was waiting for at least a minute for the photo to load on my phone when I realized that you’d censored the image itself :expressionless:

Nice contrast, how do these paper coasters hold up to regular wear and tear?


Nice alternative to cork and cheaper!

I mean look at bar coasters. I’m guessing “not great”.

If I really want to do something like this, it’d be all about making a stamp. 15-20 mins of engraving is just not practical for a disposable coaster.

Now… as a small art canvas? Totally doable and has a definite aesthetic.


Looking at that image I’m bettin’ that’s one that could be done as a score - wonder how much faster it would be! Especially on paper I’m bettin’ you could ramp the speed right up there!

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It was a raster so It wasn’t really an option.

Also even with clean corners you see noticeable overburn at the end of fast scores, especially on this kind of material. Clean corners works best when moving slowly, because overburn is always reduced at slower speeds anyway.

So yes it might be faster if you ran it as a fast score but I didn’t have a vector and I think the delicate quality of the illustration might be lost if I did.


I love this image. The different patterns in the rings are beautiful!

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I got it from the blogess.

Specifically here.


And here I thought you drew it yourself. It’s very lovely.

Oh no, I don’t have that level of hand skills.

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I’ve read her blog before. some great posts.