Paper House

Here’s a paper house I designed, cut and folded from Manilla Folder paper, white art paper and 1mm paper stock (for the stairs). The model is 5 cm=2 inches tall.

The design is based on an old Italian Villa, image included. I think that with the technique I used, I could go from a design sketch to a paper model in a few hours. Could be a cool gift for someone with a cool house?

The technique;
Main house:

  • Design the house (excluding roof) in fusion 360 with simple indents for windows
  • Convert the 3D model to surfaces that are unstiched.
  • Remove/hide everything that isn’t outer walls, top or bottom
  • Restitch the walls you’re keeping
  • Export to STL
  • Use Pepakura to create a foldable structure
  • Export to SVG
  • Edit SVG (convert dashed fold lines to different color lines etc)
  • Export and cut on gf


  • Same as above, but there are no windows

Window trim:

  • Design and cut differently colored paper and glue on. Sometimes mounting jigs will help you to align stuff.


  • My design is based on a 1:250 scale, so 1mm paper=25cm, which is a typical height for a stair. So I simply design the stairs one level at a time.

That is amazing. Thanks for the write up.


Oh my gosh I’m in LOVE. I want to shrink myself down and move in. Amazing!


Thanks for telling us the details. That’s an amazing build!


That would definitely be a cool gift to a new home owner. I think you’re onto something!


You had me at paper. I love it!


Wow! Great detail!


Awesome! This is a rabbit hole I want to get started. Unfortunately I don’t use Fusion 360. I need to check on Pepacura…

I’m sure any software would work, the issue is that I want a mesh with actual holes in it. Otherwise Pepakura (I miss-spelled it before) will try to make foldable structure for every window and door inset. These can be deleted in Pepkakura, but that becomes a hassle.

Let me know if you want more details!

This is what a foldable house looks like in Pepakura

And this is the house, with holes. Note the alcove at the bottom of the tower, that didn’t work out, I was unable to fold that properly. I should have put a backing piece of paper on the inside and that would have worked better.

(The model looks extremely squiggly, but that’s Pepakuras way of showing where edges are, nothing to worry about)

Without holes cut, every window/door inset would produce a piece like below. That piece is the actual insides of the alcove, so it’s rounded at the top and thus more complicated than a square hole would be.