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Anyone here done the due diligence to figure out the settings (cut & score) for 65 lb and 110 lb paper? I need to cut some gift card envelopes fro tomorrow and I’m trying to get a headstart rather than figure it out myself. Yes, lame (okay, lazy). I know.
Thanks in advance!

We can only discuss non Proofrgrade settings in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. That being said, I cut cardstock yesterday using the Proofgrade settings for 20# paper.

Also, here is a very helpful post: Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock


I wasn’t sure where to ask the question, but thanks for the tip!

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Testing takes 5 minutes and is a lot more sure than anyone else’s settings.

Check out #6, it’s a piece of cake.


I think that was supposed to be #6 here:


You are better off doing your own materials test with the specific (paper) stock you are using. It’s not difficult and, is a critical Glowforge skill. Follow the link to @evansd2’s #6.

Paper weight in pounds doesn’t mean what you are probably thinking it means. It is not a uniform measure of thickness or paper density. There is a thread with some more discussion on paper weight, if you are interested.

I have cut all sorts of paper and cover stock and, could share my settings with you but, they aren’t likely to be very useful, even if you are using the exact same stock. My current machine is anemic compared to the average, requiring more power and/or slower speeds to cut through anything than would be required on other machines.


I hadn’t been to your webpage for quite some time. So many delightful things to see!


Aww, shucks. Thank you.

I was about eight projects behind on posting stuff last time I counted. :grimacing:

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There are automatic settings in the list provided by Glowforge. I would use them on small pieces of your paper and if it needs to be hotter or colder you can check the automatic settings and go from there :upside_down_face:


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