Papyrus skit from SNL





I like that font. Haha


My feeling is, Papyrus ought to be an acceptable font choice as long as you do it deliberately, giving it serious thought, and not on a whim.:laughing:


this video is accurate. i’ve never met a graphic designer who didn’t hate it (and, by extension, avatar’s typography). i agree with them all.


Not a day goes by where I don’t see it in some form or another on billboards, adverts, you name it.

I suggest everyone read Susan Sontag’s Notes on “Camp”. It’s just this strange thing that something in and of itself has artistic and design merit, but couple that with mass production and thus the overwhelming recontextualization that takes place, it becomes wrong. What should fit just isn’t appropriate.

Of all the Twilight of the Idols things of post-modern culture, the realization that there is no art that can stand a chance to be sacred and untouchable. Art is dead once it leaves the artists mind. So sad, so sad.


Indeed. Think of the feelings of the artist who designs movie art who first sees their work in the waste bin on Happy Meal packaging. Although I suppose you have to expect that going in to any commercial art project.


…and it isn’t a visual crutch to establish your brand’s ‘ethnic’-ness.


I was asked to make stickers for the guests at a wedding I attended this past weekend. I made 450 stickers, and I’m gonna guess that at least half of them went into the trash by the end of the night. Gotta expect it.


Sometimes when I am in the car with my wife, I will see a work truck with a Papyrus logotype on the door. I grab her arm and mutter, “Look at that, lazy, LAZY! $#^&@ why would you DO that … We’re never hiring THAT guy…”

It’s like the producers of that Papyrus video made it for me personally.

I need a looping gif of the bit where he’s tapping his coffee mug.


A small part of me is beginning to understand why rural middle Americans shake their heads at what I might consider correct. :no_mouth:


There’s an “Italian” restaurant downtown, check this out: Petrini’s - I gotta tell you, its not low quality, its just bland. It teeters on the edge of acceptable. Something-something-makes-sense.


I saw one on the highway today. It’s everywhere.


That’s really funny. I loathe Papyrus and Impact


Jan thoroughly enjoyed that sketch. She too has an intense hatred for Papyrus. Did anyone else notice that the red-headed step-child to Papyrus, Comic-Sans was used for the end-title? :rofl:


Yes, I did!


The Papyrus font creator speaks out about Papyrus and the SNL skit, here: :joy:


Have a lot of respect for designers and artists of all types, though I have no abilities in those areas. And can easily understand why a choice of a particular font is important for things like road safety signs or how selection of one font and color or another works better from a marketing standpoint. But once the arguments move beyond the design world and into the mainstream it’s just using egos to herd sheep.

My highest level of disdain is reserved for those that think the aesthetics of design or art should be directed. Fashion police, font police, art critics, etc. No useful contribution to society that I can think of.


That was a nice try, but I’m still afraid to admit that I actually like both Comic Sans and Papyrus in public.

The shame of it all! ROFL! :smile:


Yes, I feel it’s time for me to come out.
I used to be a red head, and I like comic sans, and especially Papyrus.
So there.

< :upside_down_face: >