Paracord cinch for adjustable face-mask straps

I’ve started making some fabric face-masks, but I have no elastic for the straps, and don’t really want to place orders for supplies that might not arrive for up to a month. I have plenty of 550 paracord, though.
The first few were just tied in place, but I knew I could come up with something better, that was faster, and more easily adjustable. I had a vague sense of the shape of a device used by mountain climbers, but no idea what it is called. It took a few iterations, but this one seems to work pretty well.

UPDATE: After trying these out with several different brands of paracord, I have started sizing these up to 1.25" to make it easier to thread the cord through the holes. Someone else noted they were sizing them to 1.38". It could be a good idea to test with the paracord you will use.

paracordCinch.pdf (350.1 KB)

maybe you can use it.


Great solution! :+1:


Great design! I was thinking along the same “lines” with the tent line tightening clips. Yours is better!


Thank you, this is perfect.

I wish I’d had this design when I was cutting frog faces earlier today. :frog:


This is great! I have a friend who, one night, went on and on about how paracord can save the world :rofl: It’s become a running joke within our group of friends. I definitely am going to make a mask with paracord for him now. Thank you and stay healthy!


Good design. Could be used to secure other things.


Oh wow, thank you very much!


I’m curious to see a picture of the finished product if you have one handy.

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Here is a photo of my final product. I used a single layer of thick triple-ply cotton material so the edges of the mask are surged, not frayed :grinning:


Ah, so there’s one on each side of the head for behind the ears? I was thinking it was in the back of the head for some reason. LOL

That’s how I have been using them, but they are pretty versatile. With the way I’ve been doing them, I find I like the adjustment part on the lower part of strap, behind my neck. My girlfriend prefers it with the adjustment on the upper strap, above her braid/ponytail, where her hair doesn’t get in the way of adjusting it.

I’m just using double-fold bias tape to avoid the frayed edges. I’m not the world’s most accomplished sewist.


Thank you for the additional photos! They look great.

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Yes, one on each side, but I just saw that @jbv posted a photo utilizing it behind the neck. I didn’t think of that!

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Oh I see it now thank you. Would I upload it into a program first or directly to Glowforge for cutting?

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The biased tape looks a lot cleaner. Unfortunately I don’t have any. Awesome to see how the GF community is responding to our situation. Take care everyone!

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either way. If you want to adjust the size for different cord thickness or to alter the design you could bring it into a vector editing program (like AI or inkscape).

If you upload it directly to the GFUI, just hit “ignore” for the blue “scale” operation (after checking to see that it does come in at 1" square).

They are designed for cutting from 3mm acrylic (proofgrade medium or similar).

I’m almost out of bias tape, can’t find any left in town. I’m waiting on an order for a little tool to make my own. If you have a 3D printer, I just recently saw a 3d-printed version of said tool (sorry, I can’t remember where, not sure if it was a free design)

I find it much more comfortable with the two straps, behind the neck/back of the head. It uses a little more cord, but does’t tug on your ears, and you can really cinch it down. I can also lift the upper cord forward over my head and let the mask dangle from the lower cord for eating/drinking, then put it back on without touching the front of it.


Thanks! What’s the length of paracord that you use for each mask please?

Mine are about 38” long and could probably be a little shorter, but it will really depend on the shape/size of the mask you make.

Fortunately, I saved a link when I saw it: