Parametric Pencil Box


Make sure to size it up to an appropriate size - the one pictured was sized up to about 8 inches using the eyeball method in the Glowforge app.



Thank you!



What material (proof grade? if not, thickness?)


That’s nice! I like slider boxes and the knob is cool! :+1:


Thank you very much!


i have done it in 1/8 mdf (not proofgrade but worked with proofgrade settings) and medium proofgrade walnut plywood (pictured)


Thank You for the share, nicely done.


Thank you for sharing.


Awesome. This is so useful. Thanks for the share.


Much appreciated share. I love boxes…especially with sliding lids.


It’s such a cool design. Thank you so much for sharing!


Thanks for sharing!


Very pretty in the walnut! Thank you so much for sharing your work. Lovely design!


wow very nice. I dot seem to see links for files on some posts.:thinking:


If you right click on this above

you should be able to save the file


Ok thanks I will try to do that.


Awesome pencil box Thank you for the files


Thank you. I am making one as a gift.


Great Design, David!

May I ask a couple of qestions:

Which CAD or illustration application do you design this with? Can you share the original files?
You write: Parametric Pencil Box but what exactly is parametric about it?

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I use Adobe illustrator