Parametric Sun-shaped Box - Fusion 360


Kicking around a design idea today. I haven’t fleshed out the details of how the sun rays will interlock with the main circular part yet but I’m thinking square holes in both the top and bottom discs/rings and matching tabs at the top and bottom edges of the rays.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Nice. I like how you have it modeled now, but would consider notching the top/bottom of the rays so that the top and bottom layers of the box snap in. Probably glue the bottom layer and leave the top removable for whatever little knick-knack you want to put in.


Yeah, that was in the plan. The model has been updated (the links that Fusion 360 generates are live and update every time you save the file!)

The bottom and the top of the box are solid pieces, they have holes that interlock with the sides.

The first layer down from the top also has the same square holes, this way the rays don’t just fall out when you lift the box top. :slight_smile:

This could also be turned on its side, using the sun rays as legs, then splitting the model into a top/bottom half.

Here’s an updated image that kinda shows the slots and holes added.


Well this sparked another idea…


I like the whimsy of that one! :relaxed:


Hey! You’re pretty good at this! Nice renders, too.


Great artwork! Love how F360 renders transparent materials!