Part of my engrave is darker than the rest

I am engraving this on maple veneer plywood and all of a sudden, the engraving gets darker. It isn’t the file as I have had good runs in the past and it isn’t the material as it does the same thing on different panels in different spots. I’m not sure if it is a certain spot on the y axis of the glowforge but any ideas? I’m scratching my head on this one SP 1000 340LPI Power 8 Dots

Folks have noticed that when the head gets hot the laser gets weaker - on such a long engrave it’s possible that’s happening, and it’s taking a break and then starting up again when cool.

I’d try to run another one, but this time when it hits the bottom of the teeth, pause it for a bit (if it takes an hour to get there then 10 minutes, if it’s 30 minutes, then maybe 5) and then let it go again, and then when it’s done with the eyes do the same thing. See if that bypasses the issue entirely.

There’s also an option that your art is actually two different colours, but I imagine you’ve already checked for that!


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