Partially messed up engrave layer, other layers spot on

Trying out the free catan board. (last night, started about 630p CST) Unmodified PDF loaded into app. started print but I had set the outline layer to Score instead of the default engrave. let it print for a while and cancelled it as I suspected I shouldn’t have used score. Shifted the parts over by the width of one catan tile and changed the layer back to engrave. hit print. I left my basement as it looked like it started well. I return 7 min before end and I see that the outline layer was somewhat ‘smeared’ digitally across the bottom inch of the tiles (rending the whole thing a waste).

This kind of thing has happened to me before, in smaller projects, a while ago, and I haven’t posted.

How can I prevent this from happening? Because other layers are spot on, and even the outline layer seems to have corrected itself in progress, I don’t think it is a hardware or alignment problem. I suspect something between the app and the printer is getting corrupted.


Image below shows the bottom 1/3 of tile with engraved line shifted and scaled to right and it somewhat corrects as the print progressed upward

Anytime I experience a shift in the design like that it was due to the head being bumped or the head hitting the right-hand side of the machine. When it happened (twice) it was on a design that was positioned in the far right front of the bed.
The solution for me was to power cycle the machine, allow it to re-calibrate - and stay away from the far right edge.

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I’m so sorry your print turned out unexpectedly!

I’d like to check something real quick.

Could you please send me a picture of the following?

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hello - here’s my version of that pic!

Yeah, this print was purposely positioned near but not into the ‘marker track’ for engraving. Thanks for this feedback.

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Thanks for the photos! It looks like that pulley is slipping down a bit, and it’s likely the cause of the issue you’re seeing.

For a short term fix, you can push that pulley back up so the silver portion isn’t visible anymore. Though it may not be able to fix it after a period of time.

For a more permanent solution, we can send you a replacement pulley, and the instructions to swap it out.

Can you email us confirmation of your current shipping address (and phone number )? We’ll follow up with an invoice.

Thank you for providing that information! At this time I am going to close this thread and continue working in the email thread. If you run into any other problems please don’t hesitate to reach back out to us here or at