Parts upgradable?

Just watched and read the new Tested and got a new question.
Since you can get a new laser tube replacement part, could it be the higher powered one?

Example in order. I ordered a standard model. I will make things, sell things, but no “business” of printing stuff like an assembly line.
BUT, in like 6 months to a year I find the standard laser nut cutting it pun intended can the parts be upgraded rather then buying a full new Glowforge?
I am thinking of it like a computer I guess. Rather then buy a whole new one I buy parts that need upgraded.

I’m curious too on just the laser part. But I’m guessing because the optics, and cooling is different it might be costly.

Not easily.

In the same interview, or one of the videos, Dan mentions that they had their laser custom made. So it isn’t exactly a normal shape.

Laser tubes tend to get bigger as they get stronger. The normal approach with a cheap laser cutter that you want to give more power is to cut a hole in the case so the longer (stronger) tube can stick out the end.

But since GF has the tube moving as you print, that isn’t an option here.

So you have to find a tube which is the same size, but stronger. Which may be possible, but sounds like a potential nightmare.

I guess I just assumed both the standard and the Pro were the same housing, just different parts.

Upgraded cooling, better optics come with the pro. I wish I knew how much use I will get from mine when it arrives. But since this is uncharted territory I am going to stick with the base model and hope I get so busy with it that I will be forced to add a pro to my lineup. What is better than one laser? Two. Thankful my studio has room to expand.

Upgrading from the Basic tube to the Pro tube should be trivial, since they are going to be the same chasis (as far as we have been told). Using the 45W laser without the enhanced cooling may mean more pauses during/between cuts though.

I would love to have to the option for hardware upgrades in the future.

That would be a fantastic option