Pass-through Automatic or Manual feed

I did some research but wan’t able find a concrete answer about whether the pass-through window will be an automatic or manual feed. On the Pro Upgrade description it stats, “Passthrough software uses the camera to maintain alignment as long material is pushed through”. This makes me speculate it will be a manual feed? One of the projects I am envisioning is to feed a continuous piece of fabric through it so I’m not sure if I’ll be able achieve this if I were to manually push the fabric through.

Thanks everyone!

Fairly certain it’s manual feed. Never read anything that would indicate automatic feeding.
I imagine that it wouldn’t be too complicated to build a system your self with two rollers, one in front of the GF, and one behind, if you intent to put a lot of cloth through it.

One could even add a stepper motor and an arduino to have it “automatically” feed a specified length at a given speed, at the push of a button.

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Manual feed. Happy cakeday!


There are (much wider) roller arrangements for quilting frames. Probably easiest to just use a crank, since the whole point of the camera arrangement is that it maintains alignment even with slight shifts (or should).

If you’re engraving the fabric, probably no problem, but if you’re cutting you’ll need a nonstretch backer/carrier of some kind because you’ll have slightly different widths of fabric being pulled leading to different amounts of stretch. (My spouse is a quilter, and I’ve watched her address some of these issues.)


Definately manual(which @Dan confirmed) - with the camera allowing you to “stitch” the pattern to make it continuous. An automatic feed would give you rotary advantage (albit diameter limited" by having rotary move opposite the feed- which would have been kewl.

Unless I’m mistaken, you put the material in, it does all it can, stops, then you put more material in, it does all it can (using the camera to make sure it’s lining everything up), stops, and so on. So, it manually feeds, but not continually. If that’s right, you should be able to do a long piece of fabric because you don’t have to push the fabric through steadily (and you can pull it from behind just as well as push from the front, I would think).

Can anyone confirm if this is right? I would imagine having to continually feed the material at the right pace might be quite difficult…


Yep, I’m pretty sure you zap, move, zap the next segment, move, and so forth.