Pass through designs falling through and distorting cut


During my pass-through cut part of the design begins to sag (because it’s cut) and it distorts the remaining cut. So for example, If I have a large square with several small circles inside of it, the glowforge cuts the square first and then the design sags, so when the machine finally gets around to cutting the circles on that part of the design, it doesn’t cut all the way through because the design is sagging and in a different place than when aligned initially. Does anyone have a hack for this? Is there something you can put under your pass-through materials to keep them from sagging, that won’t cause a fire or break the glowforge?

If you make different parts of your designs different colors, they will be treated separately. Therefore, you could assign the cut for the circles and all other interior elements first, then cut the outer square. Also, it is important that the board is held perfectly flat against the honeycomb tray.


First you make these to hold stuff flat…


Yep. It can require support at the front as the material is coming out of the machine, and it helps to use a few bits of blue painters tape on the cut edges in a few places to keep the parts moving as one piece until you have completely cut the design.

I have two of those cheap wood supports…one sits behind the machine and one is in front of it for support. (They were about $20 each a few years ago. Home depot or Lowe’s) :slightly_smiling_face:


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