Pass through is not working properly

i have been trying to use my pass through for two days and it acts like it is going to work but when i press the ready button the machine starts to focus and stops saying it can’t align and needs to be aligned manually but when i try it shows step two and never eve started cutting at all. ive rebooted my machine I’ve cleaned the lens and tried other things, and nothing is working

I’ve had my Glowforge since before the days the passthrough software existed, so while I can’t help you with that problem, I can share one piece of advice: you can still do your project right now. You can split up your design yourself and run it in parts yourself. You can align it with the camera and run test scores at 1 power to see if it’s perfectly lined up before cutting anything at full power. It might take a little more work but you’re not stuck waiting for customer support to get back to you.

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