Pass through issue

Has anyone not been able to print while using the pass through? I get this error message every time I try to print some thing using the pass through. Glowforge said the printer head needs to be replace. Glowforge also said that the warranty ran out 25 days ago and we would have to pay out of pocket to replace the printer head. We have used the printer a very limited number of hours so to have to replace it already seems ridiculous.

You do not need the the passthrough software to make a good result. The software will make a single divide line across any angle. With DIY you can make a range of decisions going above and below places that do not need to be seperated, and if the crossing points are vertical then a millimeter error will not destroy the design, while it will make a mess if the angle is small.

What is needed is to break the lines at the points where needed, and make the design several pieces no more than 10.9 inches tall per piece. Then it is only a matter of keeping the material hard on the right rail so the x-value will remain fixed. Then by using only the up-down arrows move the design up and down and the Set Focus you should be able to be very accurate.

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