Pass through not making straight lines

Hello friends,
I’m trying to make a big long sign with pass through slot. Everything works pretty good until the end, when it gets to a point with just straight lines and no words. When I move it then, the resulting cuts jog off to the side.

Is there any way to prevent this? I’ve tried it twice and get the same issue. Thank you!

The passthrough algorithm has a very hard time when there’s very little image data for the camera to see and line up. Try sticking down some masking or taping some paper to your sheet and draw some squiggles on it to give the camera something more to see.

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Hi Andrea,

I’m sorry for the unexpected result when running your Pro Passthrough print. Thank you for the detailed photo showing the issue! It looks like the print may have failed to align because there are too few features in the design for the system to accurately align the next portion of the print. In order to align your design, the Glowforge looks for unique marks on the material that it can use to track how your material has moved between prints.

As a next step, try adding a few small shapes near the edges of your design in places where there are very few lines or features, and set them to be scored during the print. This will provide more areas for Pro Passthrough to use when aligning the print. On the material you’re using, you could place these shapes to the left and right so they’ll print on your scrap material and not yoru finished design.

Please let me know if this helps!

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