Pass through not recognizing materials will not cut

Hello, everyone I’m having an issue with my GF whenever I put proofgrade material on the pass through it does not recognize it and I get the message before I print saying if using non proofgrade etc… when I do the print it does not cut all the way. I send Jules a message and I follow her directions, GF support says since the program is in Beta stage they want me to post on here. Here are pictures of what the machine is doing.

I need help is anyone having the same issues???

Actually, the place to go for help is on the Beta thread linked below…that’s so the engineers working on development will see it.

Be sure to go over there and repost it so they will know you are still having an issue.

To make the machine cut through, you will probably have to adjust your settings. If you haven’t figured out how to do that yet, you need to get comfortable with changing settings. It’s best to do that while NOT using the Passthrough though, so run a few tests on scraps of the material that you want to use in the passthrough. If that is Medium Basswood Plywood for instance, you will do this:

  1. Put a small sheet or scrap of Medium Basswood Plywood in the machine.
  2. Create a small design like a 1 inch square to cut. (You can use the Insert Shape tool in the toolbar at the top.)
  3. Make sure you have chosen Medium Basswood Plywood from the dropdown behind the Unknown button.
  4. Click on the CUT operation in the thumbnail column. Then click the Carat to the right of the Proofgrade Cut.

  1. The settings that pop out will be the default settings for that material. Lower the Speed Value shown by 5 to 10 points…no more.

  1. Click outside of the box to close it, and Print the square. If you get a good clean cut all around, that will be the setting you want to use.

  2. Open the settings again. Click on the little Plus sign above the Speed Value. (shown above)

  3. Give the Setting a Name and Save it.

  1. When you run the Passthrough, you will click on this setting instead of the Proofgrade Setting to select it for use on the passthrough project. Just click on the thumbnail, then on that Custom Setting.

If you want more information on creating and saving your own settings, you can read about it here:

I’m going to copy this and put it over in the Beta thread as well, so other people who have the same questions might run across it.


The new Pro Passthrough feature is in beta and we are still frequently changing the software. Because of this, our team can’t offer email support for this feature right now. You can get help by posting in this thread on our community forum. Expert users, support team members, and the engineers working on the feature are all reading those postings.

You might also find this Tutorial helpful, particularly the list of “Things to watch out for” on the forum – most people find the answer to their problem there.

If you run into trouble with any of the rest of the software, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

Thank You Jules, I will try to set my machine to what you have mention above and to save it, that way I can attempt to print a cut without feeling discourage. Will let you know what happened.
Thanks a bunch!@!!!