Pass Through not working

I’m finally trying my pass through option after years of owning and operating my machine…and I’m only getting the dreaded error “Print Unsuccessful” message. I’ve searched the forum and it seems to be a problem that ends up being directed to support. Can anyone weigh in on this? I have tried the options to align manually but it actually just cuts the image in half and the wrong half is all that is left…not sure what I’m doing wrong??
I tried doing the smooth curve trial and following all the advice I could find but to no avail - my machine simply will not cut anything larger than the original bed size.

I have this issue from time to time. Does it happen consistently at the same time (i.e. after it finishes the first cut)?

It won’t even do the first cut…It acts like it’s going to cut but then this error comes up before it even starts.

That might be a design file issue then. Have you tried any passthrough designs from the GF catalog?

I use a system that I did before there was pass-through. I break the design into ~10" pieces so they break at specific locations that are 90 degrees or do not connect where (unlike regular passthrough) they don’t have to be in the same line.

Then I line up the material against the right-hand rail so that holds the horizontal and the rotation fixed. Then at each cut, you have only the vertical to worry about. If you keep to the right-hand rail and only use the vertical arrow keys to move the design, the vertical is all you change.

Done this way I have more flexibility as a one mm error will not show as it will if the line is other than vertical or the break is unnecessary as it frequently is the case.

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Yes, I tried the suggested ‘smooth curves’ file but the same problem happens no matter what.

Hmmm, You are trying to cut the bottom piece first? The automated system has to start at the bottom and work toward the top.

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I am having the EXACT same issue… my passthrough is not working all of a sudden and am getting the same message every time I try.

Try the method I laid out above, It takes a bit more attention but is much more flexible for where you want the breaks to be.

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